Books and 11 words

All of us have read books. It may be any novel, school or college books or even any written material. All of the mentioned written material has some parts which we are going to explain in this vocabulary session.


A book may contain the following words in them based on the type of book it is, here the type means, whether it is an educational book, a novel(of different genres) or magazine etc.



It is a saying or short quotation written at the beginning of a book or a chapter, which gives an idea about the topic or subject of the written work.



It is the list of chapters and sections at the beginning of a book.



It is a short introduction to a book usually written by a person other than the author of the book. The person is usually an expert in their field or is a famous person.


4. Preface

It is an introduction to a book telling the readers about its aims, subject or scope.

5. Acknowledgments

A statement expressing the author’s gratitude or thankfulness to others.


6. Prologue

It is a separate introductory part of a literary, dramatic, or musical work. You can find it at the beginning of different chapters.


7. Epilogue

A speech or section at the end of a book that concludes what has happened. It may also provide the hint about future installments.


8. Afterword

It is a concluding section of a book at the end.


9. Appendix

It is the part at the end of a book that gives some extra information. The plural of an appendix is appendices.


10. Glossary

It is a brief dictionary containing the alphabetical list of words.


11. Recto & Verso-

 A right-hand page of an open book is called recto and a left-hand page is called verso. In case of a loose document, the front of the loose document is called recto and the back is called verso.

These are the words related to the structure of a book. The order of these may vary depending on the genre.

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