Grammar is a collection of rules that helps us to put words together to make sentences. It tells us how to arrange words and phrases to create a well-formed sentence. It helps us to read, write and speak a language properly and effectively.

Being said that now we will try to answer some questions which will help you understand grammar or will make you curious about grammar-

♦ Is grammar necessary?
♦ Why we use it?
♦ How to remember so many rules?

Is grammar necessary?
& Why we use it?

Now, we are taking the first two questions at the same time because one answer will satisfy both of the questions. Grammar is not necessary to know or use a language. We all have learned our native language without knowing what grammar is.

But when it comes to learning and using a foreign language in an effective way, you must have knowledge of grammar. It will make your language learning fast and easy.

How to remember so many rules?

This is the question that comes to our mind when we read the definition(“Set/collection of rules..”).

Firstly, you do not have to know the whole grammar to start using English.

Secondly, you will get better with time.

To remember the rules you have to practice these rules by making examples from your daily life. By doing this the rules will become more relevant to you and you will get the experience of using these rules in real life situations.

This is an introduction to grammar. We will provide posts related to it on this website.

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