An interjection is a word which is used in a sentence to express emotions or sudden bursts of feelings such as joy, grief, surprise, doubt, disappointment, excitement, enthusiasm etc.

It is one of the eight parts of speech(word class).

for example:
Hurray! Our team has won the match.
Alas, the validity of my credit card has expired.

In the above examples, hurray and alas are interjections which express different emotions in the sentences.

Interjections are also called exclamations because both shows sudden emotions.

You can use a sign of exclamation(!) just after the interjection if the emotion/feeling is strong otherwise we can use a comma(,) if the emotion/feeling is comparatively less strong. As you may have observed in the above examples.

Now look at the following emotions expressed by certain interjections:

(if you wonder how to pronounce these interjections you can take the help of online dictionaries like Oxford Dictionary)

1. Surprise

  • Wow! This painting is amazing.
  • Another new car, eh!
  • Well, thank god the storm passed!
  • Gee, what a nice view!
  • Ha! I knew she was hiding something.
  • Boo!” They cried jumping off to scare me.

2. Joy or Pleasure

  • Hooray! She won the championship.
  • Mmm! The soup tastes delicious.
  • We are going on vacation next week, yay!
  • By the end of next month, we will be graduate, yippee!

3. Grief or Pain

  • Alas! Our coach is no more.
  • Oh! My head, It is aching.
  • Ah! We lost our last hope.
  • Ouch! I hurt my toe.
  • Alas! She couldn’t make it to the final.

4. Doubt

  • “Uganda is situated in Africa.”
  • Hmm, are you sure about it?
  • Um, I don’t think this plan will work.

5. Dismay

  • Oh no! Did you forget to call her?
  • Oh, I left my wallet at the apartment.
  • Oops! She almost slipped on the ice.

6. Disgust

  • Eww, how can someone eat that?
  • The pool is filthy! yuck!
  • Ugh! Keep it away from me.
  • There are rats in that room, ick!

7. Excitement

  • Whee! It was an adventurous trip.
  • Woohoo! We are participating in the competition.
  • Whoopee! I got great marks.

8. Boredom

  • Now I don’t need those fun moments in my mind as I return to my work…ho-hum.
  • Another theft in the City, ho-hum.
  • Tell them your story again, blah, blah, blah.

9. Disappointment

  • Aw, it is a shame our team cannot make it.
  • Shucks, it is too bad he can’t make into the party.
  • You want to be successful, but you don’t work hard..feh, make up your mind.
  • I fell asleep at your house, doh!

10. Embarrassment

  • Ahem! Can I make an announcement?

11. Relief

  • Phew, what a match!
  • We found her parents in the city, whew!
  • Ah, that was much better.

12. Irritation

  • I don’t like when they give lame excuses, humph!
  • Huh! Is that all they have done?

13. Realization

  • Ah, I see what he means.
  • Aha, It was a gown there in the closet.

14. Annoyance and frustration

  • I lost 50% of my investment, aargh!
  • Oh damn! I forgot my parents were coming.
  • ‘Boo!’ people shouted, ‘Get off the stage!’

From the above list, I think you may have got Idea about what interjections.


Interjections can be used at the beginning of a sentence, in the middle and also at the end of a sentence since it does not have anything to do with the structure of a sentence. You just have to keep in mind that the interjection you use expresses the relevant emotion.

You should avoid the usage of interjections in formal writing because it may appear that you are not treating the matter seriously.


So this is all about the Interjections. If you feel that some interjections are missing in this post, you are welcome to comment in the comment section below or you can comment on our facebook page.

Thanks for reading:)


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