types of Sentence


A group of words which makes a complete sense. With a sentence, we can express ourselves to others.

for example
He is a good player.

Is she going to school?

Pick up the basket.

Wow, you really are a good painter.


There are four types





♦ Declarative Sentence

It provides us with information about anything or makes a statement. They end with a full stop. They are also called an Assertive sentence.

for example 
Ronit teaches English.

Students are talking about Ronit.

We play here daily.

Ashoka was a great king.

Chetan is a successful writer.

♦ Interrogative Sentence

It asks a question and ends with a question mark(?) at the end.

for example– Does Ronit teach English?

Are students talking about Ronit?

Do we play here daily?

Was Ashoka a great King?

Is Chetan a successful writer?

♦ Imperative Sentence

These type of sentences express command, It gives instruction, request or wish.

for example– Stop walking on the grass.

Bring me the chair.

Please give me your charger.

Have a great journey ahead.

Shut the door before you leave.

♦ Exclamatory sentence

This type of sentence expresses exclamation or surprise and express strong emotions. It usually contains an exclamation mark(!)  within or at the end of the sentence.

for example– How exciting the game was!

Hurray!we have won the match.

Alas! he lost all his wealth.

What a funny movie it was!

The museum was so amazing!

Words alone can not convey our message or feeling to another person in a meaningful way. Yes, you can say words and the other person might understand what you are trying to say.

for example-  You need a glass of water or you want to tell somebody that his/her house is beautiful.

You can say water and the other person gets the idea that you need water. You point to the house and say beautiful and he/she gets the idea that you are talking about the house.

But a complete sentence makes conversation smooth and more meaningful.

So you could have said-  1.”I need a glass of water” or “Bring me a glass of water”.

2. Your house is so beautiful.

And these two sentences have made your message more meaningful and precise.

So this is all you need to know about a sentence and its types.

Type the examples of sentences in the comment box. You can ask questions or suggest your ideas to improve our work.

Thanks for reading:)

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