Types of gender

Types of Gender-

Gender comes from the Latin word ‘genus‘ which means ‘kind’ or ‘sort’. It signifies the sex of a living being. But there are non-living things also and some other includes both male and female sex.
So there are four types of Gender-

1. Masculine Gender
2. Feminine Gender
3. Common Gender
4. Neuter Gender

1. Masculine Gender-

A noun that denotes a male animal or living being is called a masculine gender.
for example–  boy, king, actor, dog etc.

2. Feminine Gender-

A noun that denotes a female animal or living being is called a feminine gender.
for example– girl, queen, actress, bitch etc.

3. Common Gender-

A noun that denotes either male or female is called common gender.
for example– people, person, enemy, relative, cousin, animal, human, thief, student, neighbor etc.

4. Neuter Gender-

A noun that that denotes neither male or female or things without life is called neuter gender.
for example– table, plant, building.

We sometimes consider things without life as males or females if they are personified, that is when spoken as if they were living beings.

Objects which are remarkable for strength and violence are often considered masculine.
for example– Death, the sun, winter, time etc
Time has his own pace with no stoppages.

Objects which are remarkable for beauty, gentleness, and gracefulness are considered feminine.
for example– hope, peace, the moon, the earth, nature liberty etc
Nature sometimes shows her wrath on living beings.

So above all are the types of gender. There are different ways of forming feminine of a Noun:

1) Using entirely different words such as:

Boy- Girl                  Husband- wife
Brother- sister       Bull(ox)- cow
Man-woman          King- queen
Monk- nun             Lord- lady
Cock- hen               Nephew- niece
Dog- bitch              Son- daughter

2) By adding -ess, -ine, -trix, -a etc as:

Author- authoress     Mayor- mayoress
Lion – lioness              Patron- patroness
Poet – poetess             Baron- baroness

Actor-actress        Tiger – tigress
Negro- nigress      Prince – princess
Waiter- waitress   Abbot- abbess

Hero- Heroine       Fox – vixen
Testator- testatrix

3) by placing word before or after as:

Grandfather- grandmother   Washerman- washerwoman
peacock- peahen                      Manservant-  maidservant

So we have discussed almost everything about types of gender. The knowledge of gender will enable you to differentiate among different genders. Moreover, it will give you a better understanding of their usage.

Also, try to find other feminine words of different nouns from other sources like books.

You can give more example of their types in the comment section and also tell us if the article was helpful or not.

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. I have loved this article. Good work done. But one observation was that, instead of writing a feminine denotes a female you rather wrote “male” instead of “female “. So please review it, if possible. In all, I love the article

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