Vocabulary is a collection of words and phrases with their explanation or definition. These are the words used in a particular language.

There are words that we use daily and are familiar with those. But when you come across words that belong to a particular subject or a particular activity, there are chances that we might not know or understand the meaning of those words.

And as a result of which we might face difficulty understanding the message or idea the other person or written material is trying to convey.

We should also pronounce the words properly. Here we will recommend you some of the online dictionaries which will pronounce the word.
These are-

Oxford online dictionary

Merriam-webster dictionary.

Idioms and phrasal verbs- These two also form a part a sentence and can be confusing if the reader or the learner is interacting with these two for the first time.

An idiom is a group of words that as a whole has a particular meaning that is different from the individual meaning of the words.

for example– “Don’t judge the book by its cover”  which means don’t judge someone or something just on the bases of appearance.

“Break a leg” which means good luck. This idiom is usually used to wish luck to a person who is going to give a performance on the stage.

A Phrasal verb is a combination of words that when used together gives a different meaning to the original verb.

for example– “break free” means to escape from someones hold

“take off”- means for an airplane or a bird to leave the ground. In the context of a company is to become successful.

How to improve: We can improve our vocabulary by reading, listening and using the words which we have learned. When we read more and more, words might repeat and we will get more familiar with those words.

So this is all about vocabulary part of the language. We have mentioned almost every aspect of vocabulary.
You will get a vocabulary post almost every day if possible or 3 times a week.

You can also give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks in the comment section.
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